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Welcome to 5th Grade! I am so blessed to be able to share this special year with all of my students that I taught in their second and third grade years.  This year in 5th grade, I am teaching Social Studies, Writing(Composition), and spelling.  Our children will also get my assistance with interventions in Reading, Math, and Science. Our team has many exciting plans for this group of children.  Thanks for sharing them with us.  You as a parent and our teachers are a team working for the success of all students.  Students will take on more responsibilities as they prepare to leave elementary and enter into middle school. You are your child's very important care giver and advocate, so please feel free to email me or call the front office and they can connect you to my classroom.  I do not answer the phone during instructional time but will call back at the end of the day so please leave a message with an up-to-date return phone number. My email information is poold@lpisd.org.