Lomax Elementary

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A note about La Porte ISD's security measures

First, our security measures have been developed with law enforcement officials, and it is (a commonly employed) best practice that those measures are not publicized 

We know that campus operations are complex and dynamic.  Despite our best efforts, there may be situations or events that create potential barriers to safety.  For this reason, all of our campuses and facilities conduct recurring exercises or drills to keep safety at the forefront.  Examples include practice fire evacuations, shelter-in-place exercises, severe weather drills and intruder exercises.  

Additionally, all campuses have Bullying Prevention programs to sensitize students and staff alike to the signs and impact of bullying behaviors, as well as to implement restorative practices to stop those behaviors when they occur.  Today’s social media world presents unique challenges called cyberbullying, in which off-campus behaviors can have a significant impact upon the positive climate we work hard to maintain on our campuses.  Restorative practices are also used in the district to minimize the impact of disruptive and/or intimidating behaviors that could adversely impact an otherwise positive climate.

For more information about what we do to help keep our children safe, please visit our Safe & Secure Schools home page.